Search single gene

Quick search tool which allows enquire for specific gene(s). The search results return if the enquired gene is part of the Aging Signature or not. For genes which are present in the aging signature or aging list, the expression data is displayed together with information about the publications which have found that particular gene to be differentially expressed.

Search multiple genes

This section allows the comparison of bulk RNA-seq sets to the aging signature. Users can provide a list of genes (user input) and it will be compared to the AS using 2 different methods (Rank Score and Enrichment Score). After the analysis is done, Enrichment plots are displayed showing the user input together with the different studies which comprise the AS, giving an idea of how much the user input list is comparable with the Aging signature. examples of data are provided.

* The search option is limited to a maximum number of 5000 genes and a minimum of 3 AL genes.